Counselor with students

Student Services - Center for Advising and Career Services

Career planning services are designed to enhance a person’s ability to make an informed career decision. Information is available in the Center For Advising and Career Services located at the following locations:

Campus Building Telephone
Pensacola Campus Bldg. 5/Rm. 508 (850) 484-1630
Milton Campus Bldg. 4200/Rm. 4204 (850) 484-4410
Warrington Campus Bldg. 3600/Rm. 3624 (850) 484-2342
South Santa Rosa Campus   (850) 471-4630
Century Campus   (850) 471-4622
Pensacola State College Math Class

Student Services - Academic Advising/Counseling

Pensacola State College offers academic advising, career and personal counseling, and educational planning for students through a variety of means.

  • Advisors are available days and some evenings in the Center for Advising & Career Services on the Pensacola Campus and in the office of Student Services on the Warrington, Milton, South Santa Rosa, and Century campuses.
  • Individual and group counseling is available to full-time and part-time students in all areas of study.
  • Counselors will help students with program planning, course selection, and graduation or transfer requirements.
  • Specialized academic advising is also available in the various academic departments at Pensacola State College.
  • Students who have already committed to a particular program or know the major area of study they wish to pursue may receive advising in that discipline in the appropriate department.
  • Depending on the particular department and on the student’s needs, the student might be assigned a faculty advisor, work with a department head, or attend a group advising session.