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Course Companion Websites

Course Companion WebsiteInstructor
BSC1093 Anatomy & Physiology IMs. Frances Duncan
BSC1093L Anatomy and Physiology I LabMs. Frances Duncan
BSC1094 Anatomy & Physiology IIMs. Frances Duncan
BSC1094L Anatomy and Physiology II LabMs. Frances Duncan
CGS1570 Computer Concepts and ApplicationsDr. Linda Lemley
CGS2510 SpreadSheetDr. Linda Lemley
CTS2104 WindowsDr. Linda Lemley
FSS1220C Culinary Techniques Chef Travis Herr
FSS1222L Culinary ProductionChef Travis Herr
FSS2224L Advanced Culinary ProductionChef Travis Herr
FSS2242L Cuisines of the WorldChef Travis Herr
MAC1105 College AlgebraMr. Pete Falzone
MAC1105 College AlgebraMr. Greg Bloxom
MAC1105 College AlgebraMr. Chris Turner
MAC1105 College Algebra Mary Anne Petruska
MAC1114 Trigonometry Mary Anne Petruska
MAC1140 Pre-Calculus Algebra Mary Anne Petruska
MAC2233 Business Calculus I Mary Anne Petruska
MAC2233 Calculus with Business Applications IMr. Chris Turner
MAC2311 Calculus I Mary Anne Petruska
MAC2312 Calculus II Mary Anne Petruska
MAC2313 Calculus III Mary Anne Petruska
MAT0002 College Prep MathematicsMr. Pete Falzone
MAT0024 College Prep AlgebraMr. Pete Falzone
MAT1033 Intermediate AlgebraMr. Pete Falzone
MAT1033 Intermediate Algebra Mary Anne Petruska
MAT1033 Intermediate AlgebraMr. Chris Turner
MAT1033 Intermediate AlgebraMr. Greg Bloxom
MCB1000 Applied MicrobiologyMs. Frances Duncan
MCB1000L Applied Microbiology LaboratoryMs. Frances Duncan
MGF1106 Liberal Arts Math IMr. Chris Turner
MGF1106 Liberal Arts Math I Mary Anne Petruska
MGF1107 Liberal Arts Math II Mary Anne Petruska
MGF1107 Mat for Liberal Arts IIMr. Chris Turner
PAZ2315 Animal RecordsMs. Joyce Kaplan
PAZ2320 HerpetocultureMs. Joyce Kaplan
PAZ2535 Animal BehaviorMs. Joyce Kaplan
PAZ2551 Animal BreedingMs. Joyce Kaplan
STA2023 Elementary StatisticsMr. Greg Bloxom
STA2023 Elementary StatisticsMr. Chris Turner


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