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Collegiate High School Grading System

Pensacola State College Collegiate High School uses the State of Florida grading scale. Letter grades are used to indicate the quality of work achieved by the student.

A = 90-100      Excellent
B = 80-89        Good
C = 70-79        Average
D = 60-69        Below Average
F = Below 60   Failing

I = Incomplete
W = Withdrawal

A grade of "I" is assigned when the student and the instructor reach a mutual agreement that the student has a reasonable chance of successful completion of the course work within the time frame prescribed. A student who receives an "I" must complete the work with the instructor by the end of the next major term or the "I" becomes an "F".

Withdrawal Grades

A student may choose to withdraw from a course through the 70th percent point of the course. The last day to withdraw from a class is published in the academic calendar in the front of this handbook. Students must process an official withdrawal from any class and should not expect the instructor to process a withdrawal for them. After the 70th percent point of the course, a student may not withdraw from a class and an instructor cannot withdraw a student from a class. A grade of "F" will be assigned if the student did not successfully complete the course.

Early Grade of "F"

The instructor may assign an "Early F" if the student has ceased attending the class and the instructor does not withdraw (W2) the student as indicated in the course syllabus. A student who is assigned an "Early F" for non-attendance will be notified by the registrar's office of the grade assignment. The student will be provided an opportunity to withdraw from the course and insure the receipt of a "W1" (student withdrawal) instead of a grade of "F." This opportunity is available to the student provided the student processes the request for adjustment from "F" to "W1" before the withdrawal deadline.

Student Teacher Conferences

Students are encouraged to have conferences with their teachers at any time during the term. Only parents, legal guardians, or authorized agencies that have a student information release form on file with the Pensacola State College Collegiate High School can obtain specified student information. Legal guardians must provide official documentation for verification. The Student Information Release form must be renewed every January 1st. Parents are also encouraged to contact the Collegiate High School at 484-2140 to check the progress of their student.

Final Grades

Final grade reports are no longer mailed to the student's home. Students may access their final grades on the Pensacola State College website at http://www.pensacolastate.edu.  Students may receive assistance and use the computers in the AHS Guidance Office, Room 1113. Grades will not be issued by telephone. Transcripts and the diploma will be withheld until all fees and other obligations including library fines have been met.

Students are responsible for a thorough knowledge of all graduation requirements. All questions concerning these requirements should be directed to a counselor or faculty advisor.

Standards of Academic Progress

Students at the Collegiate High School remain in good standing as long as they maintain normal academic progress required for graduation. Continuation of students who repeatedly demonstrate a lack of the necessary preparation, industry, or maturity to achieve the competencies necessary for graduation is inconsistent with the college's philosophy of instruction.

Academic Warning occurs when the student is unsuccessful (withdrawal or failure) in 50% of enrolled courses.

Academic Suspension occurs when a student who is on Academic Warning does not successfully complete more than 50% of the enrolled courses. A student on Academic Suspension will not be allowed to register for one full term following the suspension unless given administrative approval.


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