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The Pensacola State College Collegiate High School program is an accelerated program where a student may earn credit in approximately one-half the time required in the regular public high school. Therefore, regular class attendance is required.  A student who is absent more than six hours from a one-credit class or more than three hours from a one-half credit class (for emergencies, illness, or any other reason) and is not showing academic progress may be withdrawn from the class. A student who exceeds allowed absences and is showing academic progress may be allowed to continue in the class at the teacher's discretion.

Class punctuality is expected of all students. Students who are loitering/smoking outside the building after class has started will be dropped from the class. Three tardies may be counted as one hour of absence. Students who leave class early will also be counted absent or tardy at the teacher's discretion

Students who register for classes, must attend those classes or report to Student Services and drop the courses. Students who do not report to classes for which they have registered will be dropped and a restriction placed in their file.

Productive Use of Class Time

All students are expected to report to their classes with appropriate materials. Students should be prepared to engage in and contribute to meaningful learning experiences. Students may not use class time to visit administrative/counseling offices. Appointments should be scheduled before or after classes. Teacher permission should be obtained before a student is allowed to leave the classroom for personal privilege or emergency reasons. Students will use restroom facilities and drinking fountains on the same floor as their classroom. Students are not to be outside the building during class time.



Code of Conduct

Collegiate High School students are regulated by the Pensacola State College College Code of Conduct which may be found in the Pensacola State College Catalog. A copy of the catalog is available for student use in the Student Services or Administration offices. Appropriate student behavior and dress is a matter of common sense and good judgment. The display of courtesy and respect to fellow students, faculty/staff, administration, and law enforcement officials is expected of all students. The Collegiate High School's rules and regulations have been established to ensure that all students will be able to enjoy a safe and orderly school climate and enhance the opportunity of all students to be successful in achieving their high school diplomas. All students are expected to know and follow these rules that include, but are not limited to, the following:  

  • Students are not allowed to loiter in the hallways or outside the building except during class changes, lunch hour, and evening class breaks. Students who must wait for rides may do so for up to 15 minutes after class is over. After 15 minutes, students must wait for rides anywhere except in the Collegiate High School vicinity. These students should inform their driver as to where to pick them up. Students should not arrive to the building earlier than 15 minutes before class time. Students loitering on campus will be suspended from classes.
  • The vending machines should be used only during class breaks, NOT during class time.
  • Students should not take cigarette breaks during class time.
  • The use of profanity either in speech, gesture, or writing is prohibited.
  • Possessing nuisance items including: radios, cassette players, beepers, and cellular phones are prohibited. The SRO will confiscate these items.
  • Wearing inappropriate clothing, which includes the display of offensive language, sexual or graphic innuendo, illegal substances/activities, or gang symbols is prohibited.
  • Wearing clothes in an offensive or indecent manner, e.g. "sagging" pants, extremely short shorts or skirts, or wearing undergarments as outer garments. Use common sense and good judgment.
  • Failing to provide accurate information (including name and/or valid student I.D.) or failing to comply with a reasonable request from the faculty, administration, or SRO.

Students who do not comply with these expectations will be disciplined by suspension, expulsion, or a lesser penalty. Students who violate criminal or civil law will be arrested and suspended until the Director of Student Life has approved their return to school. Violations of a misdemeanor or felony include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Possessing weapons or items identified as weapons by the Campus Police;
  • Committing assault and/or battery;
  • Defacing, damaging, or destroying property;
  • Theft, accessory to theft, or selling stolen property (including textbooks);
  • Possessing, using, selling, or being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol on campus;
  • Creating and/or encouraging a disturbance in class, in the building, or on campus;
  • Committing any form of sexual harassment or misconduct;
  • Smoking and/or use of any tobacco products inside the building;
  • (Florida law prohibits students under the age of 18 from smoking or using tobacco products)
  • Loitering in front of or blocking doors to the building or classrooms, steps, or handicap areas.

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Pensacola State College does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, color, gender/sex, age, religion,
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