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Pensacola State College - Master Teacher Seminar


Participant Comments from
2013 Florida Master Teacher Seminar

“Everything about the seminar was so well-planned, though not scripted. I liked the element of ‘mystique about it. It was a perfect mix of business and fun.”

“Everything was perfect; the time and effort put in to making these plans was apparent.”

“The workshop was the best I have ever attended. I'll never forget it. Thanks to all!”

“The hotel was spacious and comfortable and the food was excellent. Many thanks to Pensacola State College for sponsoring and supporting this event.”

“It was fantastic to see the unique ways that everyone approaches our profession.”

“The seminar was truly unique; it was refreshing to experience something so different, yet maintaining its value and quality.”

“The teaching demonstrations were excellent, what a great opportunity to learn from the best.”

“I'll never forget this week; it changed my life.”

“I was able to see what energetic, enthusiastic and talented teachers work in the Florida state college system. I was able to see creative and alternative ways (other than lecture) that teachers are relating to students and delivering course content.”

“This was awesome!”

“It was an incredible experience and I only wish I could do it again!”

“Fantastic job, fantastic people, and incredible lessons and motivation for teaching.”

“Thank you for all your hard work in making this the best professional development I've participated in.”

“This is a once in a lifetime/you can never go home again experience.”

Participant Comments from
2012 Florida Master Teacher Seminar

“I feel re-energized regarding my teaching. I think the networking with other teachers who taught different subjects was phenomenal! I also think sharing the motivators with the whole group was fantastic!”

“It was helpful to get to see what others do and very easy to see how to model our own teaching strategies after others’ styles.”

“I think the motivator that we shared as a large group on the second day was the one [activity] that had the most impact on me. I got some great ideas of ways to engage students, and I liked that we were able to hear everyone’s motivator.”

“Networking with professionals. Sharing both the passion for teaching and methods of teaching our students.”

“Every activity had an impact for different reasons. The one that impacted me the most was the motivator session, because we were able to see everyone’s motivator and I felt so empowered by seeing all the creativity.”

“We learned SO much. I couldn’t imagine not including a part of it as it all played a part.”

“My favorite day was Wednesday when we got the chance to watch the teaching demonstrations.”

“I enjoyed the little innovations: the time we shared some short ways to capture students’ attention or teach something very quickly.”

“Thank you- good planning and good preparation.”

“Overall, great conference.”

“Great job by PSC!”

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