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Health Profession Opportunity Grant

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Want to know what to do next? Follow the steps below and get started today.

  1. Apply to Pensacola State College ($30 application fee)

    * For specific questions regarding admissions, contact Student Services on either campus:

    • Warrington – (850) 484-2200
    • Pensacola – (850) 484-2544
    • Milton – (850) 484-4400
    • Century – (850) 471-4622
    • South Santa Rosa – (850) 471-4630
  2. Select a medical program
    • HPOG doesn't support Veterinary Tech or any Bachelors level programs.
  3. Complete a Health Related Programs application
    • Go to the College's website, Click the link for "Programs & Degrees." Go to the heading "Health Science" and click the link for "Health Applications, Schedules, Clinicals and Documents," then go to the heading "Apply to Health Related Programs" and click the link for "Health Related Programs Application." Print out the application and submit it by following the directions located near the top of the application. Note: Please do not mail the form.
    • For any specific questions regarding your program(s) of choice, contact that Department directly. A contact name and number can be found on the college/department website.
  4. Meet with an academic counselor
    • You can find academic counselors at any Pensacola State College campus.
  5. Complete an HPOG application
    • Download a PDF now. pdf
    • Or pick one up from the HPOG Office at the Pensacola State College Warrington Campus located at 5555 W Hwy 98, Bldg. 3600, Suite 3644, Pensacola, FL 32507
    • Or call (850) 471-4590 to request that an application be mailed to you
  6. After you have completed the application, please submit it in person or mail it to:
    • Pensacola State College – Warrington Campus
      Health Profession Opportunity Grant Office
      5555 W Hwy 98, Bldg. 3600, Suite 3644
      Pensacola, FL 32507
Health Profession Opportunity Grant Program
Pensacola State College
Phone: (850) 471-4590
5555 W HWY 98
Bldg 3600, Suite 3644
Pensacola, FL 32507