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Financial Aid - Loans

Loans are usually low-interest and do not need to be paid back until a student is finished with school or ceases to be enrolled in six credits in their degree. Loans require a separate application in addition to the FAFSA.

Short Term Loans

Short-term loans consist of a limited number of loans made by Pensacola State College in which money is loaned for only a short period of time within a single semester. Learn More

Tuition Installment Plan (TIP)

To help you meet your educational expenses, Pensacola State College is pleased to provide the Tuition Installment Plan (TIP).


Federal Direct Loan (FDLP)

Federal Direct Loans (also known as Stafford Direct Loans) consist of loans acquired through the federal government for educational expenses to be repaid at a later date.

Stafford Loans(subsidized and unsubsidized)

  • Federal government provides these loans.
  • May be subsidized (no interest accrues on the loan while in school) or unsubsidized (interest accrues on the loan while in school).
  • Must be enrolled at least half time (6 or more credit hours) to apply.
  • Must enroll in only courses required to complete your declared Pensacola State College program of study on file with the Admissions Office.
  • Repayment begins six months after leaving school or your enrollment drops to less than half-time.

Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)


  • Loans parents take out for your educational expenses.
  • Parents must not have any adverse credit history.
Guide to Financial Aid
Federal Direct Loan Exit Review - studentloans.gov
Financial Aid Disbursement Calendar
Private Loans
Effective for the 2012-2013 academic year and following years, Pensacola State College does not certify Private Education Loans. These loans are defined as an extension of credit that is not made, insured, or guaranteed under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

Alternatives to Private Loans at this college are TIP (Tuition Installment Plan) or the college short term loan program. Specific eligibility criteria apply to both of these alternatives. Information is available on the college website concerning both programs.
Collect Your Loan
  • Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized/PLUS Loans are electronically transmitted to Pensacola State College and will be credited your Pensacola State College OneCard account.
  • You will not receive a check from a lender.
  • You should carefully read all loan paperwork you receive.

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Financial Aid
Financial Aid

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