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Welcome to Pensacola State College’s Online Orientation

Whether you are a recent high school graduate or a career professional continuing your education, student life is a unique experience. Becoming a responsible and successful student is like mastering a new job; in order to excel, it is necessary to know what is expected of you. This online tutorial provides you with information that will help you stay on course for the best possible college experience at Pensacola State College. Before proceeding, make sure you have followed the Step-by-Step Getting Started at Pensacola State College Guide.

Getting Started - How to Use This Orientation

  • Some options use pop-up windows, so make sure any pop-up blocking software you are running is disabled.
  • The topics covered include: Payment Information, Classes, and Student Services followed by FAQs, campus maps and contact information.
  • Please navigate through each section using the "Next Page" tab at the top right-hand side of the page.
  • Contact Admissions and Information or email for more information.
Location Phone Number
Pensacola Campus (850) 484-2544
Milton Campus (850) 484-4410
Warrington Campus (850) 484-2270
South Santa Rosa Campus (850) 471-4630
Century Campus (850) 471-4622

If You Prefer Orientation on Campus

Location Phone Number
Pensacola (850) 484-2077
Milton (850) 484-4410
South Santa Rosa (850) 471-4651
Warrington (850) 484-2270