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Become a Booster

Joining the Pirate Booster Club is an exciting and fun way to support Pensacola State Athletics. Read more

Winning in the classroom

Winning is the obvious goal of any collegiate athletics program. At Pensacola State College, a winning season includes top... Read more

Taylor Linton’s impact immediate at Pensacola State

At the urging of her seventh-grade gym teacher, Taylor Linton decided to try out for the middle school volleyball team. What a fortuitous decision that became. Read more

Lyceum Events 2013-2014

A Lyceum season is extraordinary – featuring a mélange of renowned speakers, poets, vocalists, musicians, Broadway plays and musicals, concerts, visual arts, dance workshops and student recitals.  Visit the Lyceum site.

Social Media / Video

Keep in touch wherever and whenever! Get up-to-the-minute news and information directly from Pensacola State College and many of the college's departments and organizations using today's most popular social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

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Student Activities

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Want to stay up to date on all of the campus events? Read more

Get Involved at Pensacola State!

Did you know that students who get involved are more likely to graduate? Read more

About Pensacola State College

Pensacola State College, under the governance of a local Board of Trustees, is one of 28 public colleges in the Florida College System committed to affordable, open access to educational opportunities. The College offers baccalaureate and associate degrees, career oriented certificates, developmental education, adult education, GED preparation, and standard high school diplomas. In addition, the College provides specialized business and industry training, recreation and leisure courses, and community outreach and services. Pensacola State College is dedicated to maximizing educational opportunities, through a variety of delivery methods that develop the academic, career, personal, and aesthetic capabilities of individuals for the benefit of themselves and the global community.

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